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O A国用国内法在B国抓了C国人。不是赤裸裸的霸权主义是什么 22 友来有趣 字685 2018-12-10 00:00:23
O 流氓的逻辑本质就是谁力量大,谁说了算 1 任乘风01 字326 2018-12-10 00:54:04
O 说的对,你这个例子举得好!提供一个美国媒体发言 6 瀚海黄沙 字1196 2018-12-10 03:32:16
O 再给几个评论,我贴的都是中立一点的,恨华反华的都没贴 3 瀚海黄沙 字5293 2018-12-10 03:52:43
O 假设一个日本人在中国杀了人跑到美国 夜炎火 字133 2018-12-10 04:40:43
O 不懂法就别乱举例,贸易法是刑事犯罪吗?是世界刑警组织 28 瀚海黄沙 字2144 2018-12-10 04:58:18
O “世界秩序”其实就是西方集团,记住,人家是个集团 23 基一哲 字472 2018-12-10 04:58:38
O ” A国用国内法在B国抓了C国人“这是您的原话 4 夜炎火 字364 2018-12-10 05:04:53
O 不是美国国内法,你找个中国法律禁止和伊朗贸易的? 5 瀚海黄沙 字84 2018-12-10 05:08:02
O 可行司法反制措施- 1 雨辰老人 字45 2018-12-10 05:14:31
O 给你普个法,看看国际法上的管辖权都是啥样的! 11 瀚海黄沙 字1624 2018-12-10 05:17:44
O 在本案中,孟行为直接针对的是汇丰,而且不是国际公认罪行! 20 瀚海黄沙 字372 2018-12-10 05:19:47
O 也可以提出引渡孟晚舟回中国,因为罪名既然是诈骗。 4 瀚海黄沙 字218 2018-12-10 05:22:03
O 这种胡来应该是美国国内政治争斗的激化与外延 5 夕曦 字864 2018-12-10 08:36:39
O 理性讨论远不如极端行为更有力量 nevermind 字67 2018-12-10 09:29:27
2018-12-10 00:00:23
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A国用国内法在B国抓了C国人。不是赤裸裸的霸权主义是什么 22




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流氓的逻辑本质就是谁力量大,谁说了算 1




否则就违法。 如果是孟女士自己公司生产的东西卖到美国去自然也


2018-12-10 00:54:04
2018-12-10 03:32:16
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说的对,你这个例子举得好!提供一个美国媒体发言 6

Prosecuting the Chinese Huawei executive is an idiotic way to hold China in check


Even if the telecom company poses a national security threat, this is not the way to fight it.

American authorities asked Canada to arrest the chief financial officer of one of China’s largest technologies companies for alleged sanctions fraud and violations of U.S. export controls. Meng Wanzhou isn’t just a top leader at Huawei, which makes phones and other gadgets; she is also the daughter of the company’s founder and chairman, which makes her arrest somewhat like the Chinese arresting the daughter of Steve Jobs if she had helped run Apple. It would be an understatement to say that Beijing did not react well: It demanded her release and accused the U.S. government of violating the rights of a Chinese citizen.



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再给几个评论,我贴的都是中立一点的,恨华反华的都没贴 3


6 hours ago

First of all, China didn't arrest any senior officials of any airlines just because they refused to change the way they reference Taiwan. We ban their businesses. America did the same thing to Huawei. What is outrageous is that you guys actually arrested Meng. Also, Iran sanction violation doesn't justify arresting a CFO. HSBC, samsung, and many European companies also breached the sanction and all they received were fines. Last but not least, Iran sanction is American domestic law and America have no jurisdiction over Global Firms, especially when Meng is in Canada.

Eugene Daniell


The question is, how far can we go in trying to force other countries to go along with our sanctions if they do not agree with them?



In 1995, President Clinton signed an executive order barring U.S. investment in Iran’s energy sector. To evade U.S. law, Halliburton (CEO = Dick Cheney) set up an offshore subsidiary that engaged in dealings with Iran. So why wasn't Dick Cheney arrested?




Koch industries and many other companies have done the same thing.

Fre Okin 10小时前

The reality is the previous Smokeless War was reasonably well managed and kept away from the public.

Now with Trump losing control, his underlings, aka 'eunuchs, little napoleons' pull a fast one on him.

US real enemies are the neocons inside the Beltway, more so than China.

The rise of China relative to US is inexorable. What is wrong with that? The problem with neocons is they want too much comfy zone, so when China announced Made In China 2025 initiative, US went berserk and use CFIUS to clamp down on Every 'sensitive' areas to choke off China's access to US high tech advantage.

BTW I read somewhere, 1/4 of those researchers are Chinese, so US actually Owed to Chinese Brains 1/4 of the so called IP theft. They come to US only because US have Better hardware and software for them to do research Here, not because US brains are inherently better.

Get used to it, China with more STEM graduates than US and 3X more population will inexorably rise and overtake US.

No need to be frightened. Just be like the British. Exit the superpower status Gracefully an stop acting like a Pest in Asia, self invite while those little countries cower under US economic strangulation threat.

peaceisbetter 12小时前

Apple, Qualcomm, Samsung, Nokia... and now Huawei is different?

All these companies have litigated license, patents etc... on and off for years. Settled in court often to the benefit of the lawyers mostly. Never has any country resorted to mafia style tactics of kidnapping an executive and holding them hostage for ransom as a political tool in modern times.

Trump and his fans thinks this is The Game of Thrones and the consequences of their games will bring folly to mankind.

marjonaxyz 14小时前

It is an idiotic move and a heavy-handed approach. No country would allow one of its business leaders to be arrested and humiliated like this on what sounds like trump-up charges over an internationally divisive issue such as unilaterally imposed sanctions by the US against Iran.

Trump may have just shot himself in the "mushroom"!




Kudos to the Trudeau government…

For not interfering in a judicial process Not in reality, nor in appearance (A lesson for the present WUSPE in the WH)

This said The reason for the arrest is totally laughable and makes Canada look like a subordinate banana republic eager to please its irascible master.

The accusation: Fraud charges for defying the American Iranian embargo!?

We resent Russia for using Interpol arrest mandates to further its political feuds.

This stunt is in the exact same ball park. This is a perfect opportunity for Canada to push back on this blunt and senseless bullying, issued form a clearly blunt and bullying US administration. America deeply resents interference of other countries in its affairs. It stand to reason, not to inflict the same on other countries.

NOT the accusation: Huawei’s facilitating of Chinese spying in its networks. Is totally worth our concern. But, let’s admit in the process that The US government has been at it longer and much better than the Chinese. The NSA having the ability and unimpeded access to the bulk of all international communications. All we are left is that It’s OK for America to do it but not the Chinese. The same premise as the WMDs. It is GREAT for America to have lots, but criminal for others to have some!? If the USA has proof of Chinese/Huawei wrongdoing, then let them arrest and lay charges. Otherwise put up and shut up. Finally. The chairman’s daughter!? Really this is the best we could do. Make it personal on top of the already arbitrary and rogue approach of this administration. This, my friend, is the beginning of scary and out of control. Time for the Canadian government to interfere politically and diplomatically. If this is no less shocking then allowing CIA rendition flights over its territory. They can very well live with one we can very well endure very well the other.


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不懂法就别乱举例,贸易法是刑事犯罪吗?是世界刑警组织 28












C. 保护性管辖权。





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“世界秩序”其实就是西方集团,记住,人家是个集团 23




关键词(Tags): #西方集团通宝推:猪啊猪,
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” A国用国内法在B国抓了C国人“这是您的原话 4



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不是美国国内法,你找个中国法律禁止和伊朗贸易的? 5


2018-12-10 05:08:02
可行司法反制措施- 1


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给你普个法,看看国际法上的管辖权都是啥样的! 11






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在本案中,孟行为直接针对的是汇丰,而且不是国际公认罪行! 20




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也可以提出引渡孟晚舟回中国,因为罪名既然是诈骗。 4


2018-12-10 05:22:03
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这种胡来应该是美国国内政治争斗的激化与外延 5





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辅以胡萝卜/大棒, 沉默无组织的大多数早晚被裹挟.

2018-12-10 09:29:27

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